Posted on: Thursday, December 17, 2015
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December IROCC meeting notes

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Here are the notes from the December IROCC meeting.


  • -Drew- (Marion Co Prosecutor’s office) IPAC (Indiana prosecuting attorney’s counsel) is on board for a regional training for prosecutors on ORC and CBI.

  • -Jonathan-CAT team (Crime Action Team) with IMPD went over how his team has started investigating ORC cases.  His team will be a great resource for big hitters traveling the Indy area.

  • -Shawn- (Area Manager Lowes) Store level ORC meetings are starting in Indy on 1/28.  The plan is to have a meeting on the 4th Thursday of every month.  

  • -IROCC Symposium- The ideas we have right now are Active shooter, International Theft Barometer, and ORC case examples.  We are still looking for more ideas to present so please email your ideas to

  • -We are asking for investigators for our investigation sub-committee ran by Justin from Macy’s.  Please email for more details.

  • -Grant- (Indiana Retail Counsel) The short session for the hearing is 1-15-16 and we need to be ready to present and testify about ORC to the subcommittees.  Mike Leach from Carmel PD is trying to get a convicted ORC/Drug suspect to come and testify when our bill is ready to be heard.  A new section was added to the ORC bill to include pharmacy theft/robberies. 

    • -Grant is again asking for help from our Retail Operators with sending letters/emails to members of congress to show why ORC is important to Indiana retailers.   Legislators should be given real world examples of the challenges faced by retailers as a result of ORC activity.  They should be made aware of the significant cost to retailers as a result of ORC and how that leads to lost sales tax revenue to the state and potential higher consumer prices.

    • -Representative Tom Washburne, Chairman, House Courts and Criminal Code Committee

    • -Representative Greg Steuerwald, Chairman, House Judiciary Committee and member of House Courts and Criminal Code Committee

    • -Senator Mike Young, Chairman, Senate Corrections and Criminal Law Committee