Posted on: Thursday, October 29, 2015
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October IROCC Meeting Notes

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October IROCC Meeting Notes

  • -Mark your calendars the next meetings are, 12/11/15, 2/19/16, 4/15/16 and 6/17/16.  All at Lowe’s regional office and all at 10:00am.
  • -Drew from the Marion Co. Prosecutor’s office along with members of IPAC (Indiana prosecuting attorneys council) went to Allen Co. to learn how they are applying CBI to ORC cases.  The goal is to have IPAC train Prosecutors throughout the state on CBI until we have an ORC law.

  • -IROCC had a successful training class on ORC basics with the Marion Co. Prosecutor’s office last month. 

  • -Store level meetings are still in the works with a goal to have the first meeting in November.  We will have updates at the next meeting.

  • -We will ask Grant about how to make a change to the ORC bill due to some feedback received ie. replacing the word “and”.

  • -For the next meeting we will start planning next year’s symposium, please come with suggestions and ideas. 

  • -We are again asking if you are interested in a Steering Committee/Executive Board needs to email me directly to

  • -I would like to highlight a great ORC case closure between Lowe’s and Home Depot last week. Due to communication between retail and law enforcement a large tool theft ORC was closed; this ORC was targeting tools from multiple retailers and hitting multiple counties. This is a great example to show why we need an ORC bill and an investigation committee within IROCC. 

  • -Grant from the Indiana Retail Counsel is asking for help from our Retail Operators with sending letters/emails to members of congress to show why ORC is important to Indiana retailers.   Legislators should be given real world examples of the challenges faced by retailers as a result of ORC activity.  They should be made aware of the significant cost to retailers as a result of ORC and how that leads to lost sales tax revenue to the state and potential higher consumer prices.

    • -Representative Tom Washburne, Chairman, House Courts and Criminal Code Committee

    • -Representative Greg Steuerwald, Chairman, House Judiciary Committee and member of House Courts and Criminal Code Committee

    • -Senator Mike Young, Chairman, Senate Corrections and Criminal Law Committee