About the Indiana Regional Organized Crime Coalition

The Indiana Regional Organized Crime Coalition (IROCC) website is an interactive tool which links law enforcement to the retail security personnel partners to communicate about crime and public safety issues occurring in the State of Indiana.

  • The IROCC website was founded in 2011 by a core group of security personnel with the assistance of the Cook County State's Attorney's Office.
  • IROCC is a public/private business sector partnership for security investigators, law enforcement personnel and prosecutors. 
  • By uniting the retailers and law enforcement in a plan to reduce crime, communities will become a safer place to live, work and shop. Corporate partnerships are more important than ever and far greater resources are needed to address the magnitude of the threats we now face.
  • IROCC members share information on this on-line website and share cross jurisdictional cases, i.e. crime elements, suspect descriptions, resource deployment by law enforcement, and hotel and visitor industry related criminal incidents at monthly meetings. The website was designed by law enforcement and Hotel and Visitor Industry security investigators to identify those criminals that direct their crime against hotels and visitors. Through this partnership, law enforcement and Hotel and Visitor Industry security investigators share investigatory information to identify those criminals and ultimately lead to successful apprehension and prosecution. 
  • Members are required to actively share high level IROCC intelligence investigations and required to update this website regularly. 
  • IROCC provides a benefit of traditional competitors to collaborate with law enforcement agencies to resolve criminal investigations. 
  • Through the use of integrated technology and enhanced communication systems, the IROCC program is engineered to maximize safety and minimize crime in our community.


Goals of IROCC website?

  • To reduce crime, threats and improve community safety in Indiana.
  • Strengthen the community with a prosperous local economy.
  • Effectively utilize law enforcement resources within the safe zone and reduce response times.
  • Through a crime fighting partnership we will stop or disrupt criminal activity.
  • Gather high level crime intelligence to have a better understanding to deal with retail related crime.